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What is Flirtology?

Flirtology is a science-based method of teaching flirting. Using scientific research, and proven flirting techniques, I can help anyone to become a Fearless Flirter.

I have helped thousands of others, and I can help you too. Are you ready to take a major fork in the road, which will positively affect the rest of your life? Welcome to Flirtology!

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How to Approach Effectively

I’ve spent all weekend teaching how to approach. On Thursday, I had a Fearless Flirting tour of London, where I took a group of people around central London, showing them how to approach and naturally start conversations with people. Over the weekend, I wrote content and filmed video for my new e-course, ‘How to Approach People’, and I also spent a few hours, hitting the Marylebone High streets with private clients, and showing them how it works. Because of this intense period I’ve spent with ‘approaching’, I recognise that there are 3 clear points about how to do it properly.

1. Make sure you have enough space: This might seem obvious, but stopping someone in the middle of a busy sidewalk, where loads of people will be blocked, is not the ideal set up. Try and be positioned on the outer sides, or on a less busy street.

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Can Flirting Help you in Business?

Let’s face it, when I say the word ‘networking’, does it make you want to poke your eyes out with a sharp stick? If so, do you think you are going to make any meaningful connections, going in with this attitude?

A few weeks ago, I gave a workshop at the Critical Mass conference, held at The Royal Institute in London for social entrepreneurs, investors and government ministers. The purpose of the talk (including lots of role play!) was to teach people how use flirting to network in a more rewarding way.

Georgia Humpherys, in her excellent post for Pioneers Post, captured the essence of the talk beautifully. I have cut and pasted her article below, and here is the link, if you’d like to go to the site.

The workshop with the best title at Critical Mass showed delegates the best way to garner a stack of new business cards at conferences.


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Musings from a Former Client

Last week, I met up with a former client for a glass of wine. I say ‘former’, because she doesn’t need me anymore. And, therefore, we now get to drink wine together. We were musing over her amazing life change. Ten months ago, she came to me slightly disheveled, quite low, and had never been in love. Now, she is radiant, has lost a stone, has more male attention than she’s had in her life, has discovered a new hobby which she calls, ‘my passion’, oh, and as a bonus, is dating a wonderful man, who very possibly could be ‘the one’. So, what has she learned?

1) After having more interactions with strangers in the last 10 months, than she has in her entire life, she concluded that 95% of people are happy to have a conversation, and 5% are not. This number is so much higher than she ever thought.

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A Different Take on Confidence

The other day, I was listening to an interview with the American singer/song-writer Kelis on Radio 6. Mary- Anne Hobbes said to her, ‘You seem like such a confident person. How is that?’ (My husband pointed out, that a man would have never been asked that question. Quite.)

But, as someone who deconstructs confidence building, in order to teach it to others, Kelis’ answer was awe-inspiring for me. Here is a brief summary of what she said, ‘People often say this about me, but I have never thought about it as ‘confidence’. It’s more like, I don’t know how to be anyone other than myself. This is the only person that I am able to be.’

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