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What is Flirtology?

Flirtology is a science-based method of teaching flirting. Using scientific research, and proven flirting techniques, I can help anyone to become a Fearless Flirter.

I have helped thousands of others, and I can help you too. Are you ready to take a major fork in the road, which will positively affect the rest of your life? Welcome to Flirtology!

How to be a Confident Flirt

Last week, on a programme for Channel 5,  I helped Sam become a more confident flirt. I also gave her tips on what to do at a bar or party. You might find these tips useful too. Please have a look between 19:12 – 25:00 if you’d like to hear the advice I gave Sam.

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5 Things you Should Never do When you Like Someone

When we start liking someone, we often go from ‘It was nice meeting you, let’s do this again some time’, to ‘I wonder If s/he’d like to live in the city or the country’ in 5 minutes flat. Here are 5 tips, that you should never do when you like someone.

  1. Start imagining what your kids would look like, or any other thoughts of future life.
  2. Not act like yourself, but how you think they would like you to act.
  3. Stop seeing your friends, or doing your other activities. They like you because you are  busy, interesting, and have a life. Don’t stop this part of you.
  4. Give up too much. It’s precedent setting time, folks.
  5. The most important one, and the Flirtology mantra, Act Like Yourself, and you will    Attract People who Like you!

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5 Things you Need to Know about S.C.O.R.E.-ing

We get by, with a little help, from our friends. I must admit that this, incredibly useful acronym, came from one of the members of the Flirtology community. He told me that he uses it for himself to help him remember what to do in flirting situations. Thank you for sharing!

Think SCORE:

  1. Smile
  2. Compliment
  3. Open question
  4. Relax
  5. Eye contact.

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5 Things you Need to Know about Not Getting the Dating Blues

  1.  Don’t treat it like a job interview; treat it as a fun chance to get to know someone new.
  2. Keep things in perspective: one man/woman, one dinner, no big deal.
  3. Don’t do it because you feel you have to; do it because you want to. It’s like the after work vibe at the gym. People aren’t there for enjoyment, just a combo of punishment and duty.
  4. Live your life like you want to. Don’t wait for it to start happening when someone else comes into the picture.
  5. Don’t listen to anyone who is giving you pressure about being married or having kids. Chances are, they are probably just miserable and want you to join the club.

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